About this lil ole podcast...

Also called, how the heck did I end up here?

Howdy! I'm Steve Chapman, host/writer/producer/researcher of History Does Rhyme. It's a tiny operation.

In the spring of 2018, I was back in Colorado after a stint living in several countries in Southeast Asia. My long-time curiosity about Salida led me to take a leap and start a walking tour company. The immediate results were...lackluster. But three years later, we have hundreds of 5-star ratings, have earned praises from some of the largest travel companies in the world, and generated a loyal following who tour and buy the books.

In the fall of 2018, I launched a radio program in partnership with Heart of the Rockies Radio, A Salida Moment in History, which won the 2019 Colorado Broadcaster's Association Best Regularly Scheduled Program. That same year, I took on the audacious task of documenting Salida's history from the first days in 1880. The 'Salida Sam' historical book series grew into the best-selling books in the county, and there are now four volumes.

Along the way, we started working with local schools. Each year, every second-grader in Salida takes an abbreviated wild west tour with us as part of their local history unit. We also entertain fifth, sixth, and tenth graders in hopes of helping them see the past in a new light and recognize that history is not only fascinating but vital to preparing for the future.

And now...the world of podcasting.

While creating guided tours, I grew frustrated at the necessity of whittling amazing stories into 3-5 minute chunks not to overwhelm (or bore) an audience. But there was so much more to the narrative! 'Why not tell the entire story, with no time limits, via podcasting?', a friend suggested. 

Why not, indeed?

And here we are. 

My promise is simple--I'll research every episode thoroughly, write with passion, and focus on delivering entertaining stories. The extra content available to financial supporters will help my fellow history nerds explore alongside me and have a deeper, interactive understanding of each episode. 


Thank you for being here. Let's have some fun!

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